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Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope
Cape Point vs Cape of Good Hope
People generally mix up the two places and think they are the same. I did too. Although they are situated not very away from each other, they are separate places, each with their own significance and beauty.
Cape Point is known for it’s view and the old lighthouse located at a high elevation. The lighthouse was used by the ships that were moving towards the turn at the Cape of Good Hope.
Cape of Good Hope is  at sea level and  is known to be the point from which Portuguese sailors went Eastwards in search for India. It is extremely windy here and was also known as the Cape of Storms at some point.
Cape Point seems like the Southern end of the African continent.  In reality that it is Cape Agulhas.
Cape of Good Hope is the SouthWestern most point of Africa.
Remember: The Two Oceans Restaurant is at Cape Point too!
Travel Tip: There are a lot of baboons in the area so don’t carry food with you. Be careful!
Hout’s Bay Harbor
The place with the seal island! After being to San Francisco a few months before this trip, I had expected to see something similar, but the seal island here blew my mind! Check it out…
It is a about a 40 mins boat ride into the rough sea to Duiker Island where all the flabby lazy wet seals sun bathe day and night! I could spend a good couple of hours just observing how wonderfully they twist and twirl in the water and then just come back to the rocks to dry up again.
This is a unique island and you should definitely go see it!
Travel Tip: If you have sea sickness you might want to take a pill before you board the boat. The ocean is usually rough.
Chapman’s Peak

A beautiful drive from Hout’s Bay along the coast brings you to Chapman’s Peak. It is famous for it’s views and a quick stop here should be made to get the best shots of Hout’s Bay. In the distance, you can see the seal island from here.

IMG_4578 IMG_4576
V&A Waterfront
This place reminded me of a combination of Quincy market in Boston and South Street Seaport in Downtown Manhattan. The place is buzzing with shops, bars and restaurants. People can even go kayaking or sail into the water.
IMG_1231 IMG_1232
Travel Tip: Make it a point to eat some local South African food (if you are a meat eater, Biltong is supposed to be a delicacy) and seafood!
An interesting place to eat here is the Greek Fisherman. They have great prawn dishes. It is situated right at the waterfront with a view of the Table Mountain at the back . It can get a little windy but don’t worry because the restaurant provides cozy shawls for protection.

There is a little ‘Scratch Patch’ situated close to the waterfront. You can sit and collect as many gemstones as your bag can fit for a nominal cost. I spent sometime picking all different colors, textures and shapes of gemstones.
If you like stone jewelry, keychains, etc. this might be a good place for you.
Normally, I’m not very fond of going to aquariums in every place I go to. I think that they are very similar in most places. The reason I decided to check this one out was that it has penguin feeding! It is really interesting because you can watch penguins gobble down fish in its entirety at once. Each penguin eats over 7-8 pieces of fish for a meal! Clearly, their size doesn’t show that. They are like tiny little dolls.
IMG_4658  IMG_4653  IMG_4645
Kirstenbosch Gardens
If you want to check out the botanical scene in Cape Town, you can pay a visit to the Kirstenbosch Gardens. They are beautiful and extensive. We took some time one morning to have a little picnic brunch at the park before we headed out to see other parts of the city.
IMG_4411 IMG_4400 IMG_4403


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