La Costiera Amalfitana

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to one of Italy’s most beautiful, warm and breathtaking destinations (Costiera Amalfitana), you’d probably enjoy your time if you were to just sit and lounge on the infamous black sand beaches. However, this article will help you make the most of your stay by giving you a list of must-do’s and see’s that offer the best views, the most relaxing lounge spots, the most exhilarating activities and the most refreshing food and drinks.
First Stop: Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy is a town in Campania, Italy and is where many people stay when they visit the Amalfi Coast. You can still access the Amalfi Coast via the Amalfi Drive; a (very) narrow and high road that connects Sorrento to the Coast. You can also access Anacapri, Capri and Positano via the multiple ferryboats that travel back and forth daily.
Next Stop: Capri
This town shares the same name as the island of Capri, which is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are many things to do in Capri but I recommend booking a boat tour that takes you around the entire island. On this boat tour you can see celebrity homes, Tiberius’ Leap and Lovers’ arch.

Fun Fact: Legend has it that if you kiss someone under Lovers’ arch, your love will last forever. If you don’t kiss someone going under it, your love will be “cursed.” Fortunately, my husband was with me while going under the arch. LOL.

Another place you must go while in Capri is the infamous Blue Grotto, or “Grotta Azzurra.” The water within these grottos is illuminated by the hole in the entrance and a hole beneath the surface, which produces a glowing blue effect. You must ride a special boat into these grottos, as the holes to enter are extremely small. Most boat tours offer stops at the Blue Grotto where you can purchase a tour from the smaller boat companies. It costs about 15 euro for a 10-minute ride into the Grotto but it is definitely worth it. You, and about 3 others, will ride with the person controlling the boat up to the cave, where you have to lay down in order for him to pull your boat in through the entrance. While it sounds scary, the boats each do this probably 50 times per day so they are very used to it.
DSC01378Fun Fact: If you’re lucky, some of the men who paddle the boats will sing songs in Italian during your trip into the Grotto; the voices echo because of the hollow caves and it produces a very eerie, mystical sound. Most boat companies will even let you swim in the Blue Grotto for a small fee so make sure to wear your bathing suit (and bring  a plastic baggie for your electronics to ensure they don’t get wet).
The biggest tourist area on the island is Marina Grande; this is where you are most likely to find boat tours and rentals. After departing from Marina Grande, you get a great view of the beach and buildings that surround it – so make sure to bring your camera.

Next Stop: Anacapri
Anacapri is located above the town of Capri, which means that it takes a bit of planning to get there. The best place to start is in Marina Grande, where you can either walk up to Anacapri (only do so if you’re wanting a lot of exercise and are wearing good walking shoes), take a bus, ride the funicular up or go on a scooter. We rented a scooter from a local shop. If you choose to take the funicular, head right once you get to the arrival dock in Marina Grande and the ticket booth should be within view. Once you get to the top of Anacapri, the first place you should stop is the Granita stand. Here you can purchase an alcoholic or nonalcoholic granita (sort of like a slushie) made with freshly squeezed lemons and oranges. Make sure to save time on the way back down because you’ll probably want another!
For lunch I recommend either getting seafood (a sea side town in Italy has great seafood options). After grabbing lunch at one of the many restaurants in Anacapri, I recommend heading to Piazza Vittoria where you can buy tickets to ride the chairlift up to Monte Solaro. Tickets are about 7 euros for just the ride up or 10 for round trip. This is definitely a must-do while in Anacapri because it offers panoramic views of the entire island and sea.

Travel Tip: In Italy, there is no option for getting a “slice” of pizza. If you order pizza, you are getting a full pizza and Italians actually frown upon taking food “to-go.” So if you plan on getting a pizza, either make sure you’re hungry or plan to leave some behind.
In the next article I will discuss the must-sees and -dos in Positano, Italy as well as provide you with a “necessities” packing list for your trip to la Costiera Amalfitana. So, come back and check out the next article to make sure that you don’t miss anything worthy of regret during your travels. Arrivederci!
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