Eat Your Heart Out In Amsterdam!

Amsterdam, the capital city within the Netherlands, is considered one of the most desirable destinations to visit in Europe and around the globe. It is rich with culture and history, ranging from its iconic canals to its vast museum and art collection, one of the biggest worldwide. And its famous red-light district and cannabis coffee shops attract millions of tourists each year. In addition, Amsterdam is home to a rising culinary scene, one that is fused with Dutch flavor and tradition. But, you have to know where to find it.
Of course, the best way to experience a region’s cuisine is to taste as much as possible. Eating Amsterdam Tours, a branch of the Eating Europe Tours family, offers a walking tour through the district of Jordaan, a local neighborhood filled with sites, specialty shops, and restaurants authentic to Dutch roots. Visitors are lead to a handful of cafés and eateries hand-selected by knowledgeable guides and frequented by Amsterdam natives. The tour allows guests to get a feel for everyday life and discover the culinary gems of the community.
What To Expect
The tour lasts approximately 4 hours, and includes a private boat ride on Amsterdam’s beautiful and historical world heritage waterways. Small groups, between 6 and 12 people, are escorted through Jordaan by an experienced native Dutch guide. All information is presented in English however. There are 7 stops and 12 food and drink tastings in total. Each tour aims to capture the “realness” of the city. Visitors not only get to try traditional dishes, but will also meet the shop owners and families running each location, real people, each with their own unique story and passion for their craft. Along the way, guests will encounter other treasures in Jordaan, including the site where Anne Frank lived during WWII, hidden churches, and shops that have thrived since the 1600’s. Each group is guaranteed to leave with their fill of culture and history, and most importantly a full belly.
Included in the tour is a 1-hour ride in a beautiful salon boat appropriately named “The Tourist.” Guests enjoy an intimate setting and exclusive view of the city from the canals, a site unseen by most vacationers. The boat stops along the way for cheese samples and beer from a local brewery.
Food Tastings 
Café Papeneiland
Opened in 1642, this is one of the oldest brown cafés in all of Amsterdam. It’s a quaint space with rustic charm. Enjoy a Dutch beer with a tasting of their infamous apple pie, warm crust stuffed thick with crisp apples, made fresh in house.
Swieti Sranang
This is a smaller eatery that epitomizes immigrant influences in Dutch cuisine. It is definitely the place to try Surinamese/Indonesian food in Amsterdam. The owner prepares everything herself, including classic dishes like broodje pom and tempeh as a vegetarian alternative.
Butcher Louman
Named after the family that owns and operates the business, Louman is a butcher’s and delicatessen. They use only first-class quality meat, ensuring high-grade product with great taste payoff. They are specifically known for their sausage, made traditionally in their very own factory. They also offer salmon or celery salad for tour guests with special dietary needs.
Meer dan Vis
This fish shop is guaranteed to have the freshest seafood in Amsterdam. They work solely with local Dutch fisherman and purchase new product from daily catches, so the quality of the food is unbeatable. Their specialty is herring. Guests may also choose from a seaweed dish or item from the bakery.
Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje
Take a step back in time as you enter this sweet shop. It’s an old-fashioned candy store, walls lined with glass jars filled to the brim with Dutch candies and treats. The collection includes an array of different sweets like liquorice and wafer cookies. The shop also offers sugar-free items for diabetics.
Da Kaaskamer
This shop is stocked floor to ceiling with specialty cheeses. Visitors can sample a variety of different options like gouda and bitterballen.
Café de Prins
8This pub overlooks the canal, and truly presents a local dining experience. Enjoy simple décor, cold beer, and classic music. Guests can sample poffertjes, a traditional Dutch batter treat resembling small fluffy pancakes.
So why eat at one restaurant when you can sample dishes from 7 deliciously different locations? Venture off the beaten path and get to know the city through the eyes and mouths of the locals. Get your fill of Amsterdam with Eating Amsterdam Tours.
The Eating Europe Tours family offers similar excursions in Rome, London, and Prague. They have over 1,400 five-star reviews on Trip Advisor and have been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, and National Geographic.
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