Romanced in Verona

The name of this city brings about an essence of love and beauty. Your first thought on arriving here should be to head right to La Casa di Giulietta/ Juliet’s Home.
Walking in the red-brick courtyard past layers upon layers of love inscriptions written on the walls and gazing toward Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet balcony was the most stunning sight to be seen, especially being but the first stop in Verona; the exploration was only just beginning. You will notice that Juliet’s statue has one breast lighter than the other. This is due to all of the people taking a picture with her holding onto one side!
Before you either take a gander inside the House or return to the main shopping streets, feast your eyes upon the plaque below the balcony that displays Shakespeare’s famous lines: “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” Take a stroll as we did through the glamorous avenues, and dive into some dazzling shops of Verona. From perfume to handbags and apparel: you will find the most valuable and highest trends that won’t disappoint. Pause along the way for a moment to enjoy and tip the captivating, musical talent of the street performers. To conclude our short visit in this romantic city, we rested our feet at an outdoor café, Piazza Erbe 28 where we overheard dashing Italian locals speak the delightful language, especially using their hands as Italians tend to do. We ordered none other than pizza and pasta which enlightened our taste buds more than anticipated! I ate the most delicious, yet simplest pizza of my life! The sauce was enough to deliver incredible flavor that could be offered nowhere else. Before you depart Verona, be sure to taste its pizza and drink its wine. Chao!
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