The Perfect Summer Weekend Getaway – Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island is one of those places that carries charm and wisdom. Its village-like setting is filled with shops and restaurants, and then more and more shops and restaurants. Newport has so much more to offer than dining and shopping (of course these are two important parts of vacations and day trips – a girl’s gotta eat and shop, right?).
I took an impromptu weekend getaway with one of my girlfriends over the summer and oh trust me, we had a blast!
What to do?
The beaches in Newport are beautiful and the sand might just be the softest in New England. Nearly all the beaches have surfboard, jet ski, and wet suit rentals available. They also offer surf lessons for a few hours at a time or for the whole day. On the particular day I went to 2nd beach (also called Sachuset Beach) it was a really windy but that didn’t stop any of the beach goers. They were prepared with sweatshirts, umbrellas, and hats.

This beach has a very unique landmark called the Purgatory Chasm. It is a huge formation of rocks that have eroded over millions of years. You can hike up the rocks and have an awesome view of all of 2nd beach.
The entire hike up Pugratory Chasm consists of these rocks. They’re smooth and nearly everyone was walking on them barefoot.
1st beach, or Easton Beach, is the most popular beach in Newport. You will find so much activity here during the summer. They hold volleyball tournaments and weddings. 1st beach is lined with big houses on one side and the beginning of the Cliff Walk on the other. The Cliff Walk brings you on a trail behind many of the famous Mansions in Newport like the Breakers.
What to eat?
While in Newport, it would be a shame not to stop at The Lobster Bar. They have delicious stuffed lobsters and clam chowder with a breathtaking view of from the Bowen’s Wharf. You can’t be in Newport and skip out on lobster and chowder. See below for yourself.

After eating this mouth watering meal, it’s time to burn some calories by walking through the mansions. There are eleven mansions in Newport, each one as breathtaking as the next. You can take guided tours in groups or audio tours on your own.  Walking through the mansions is like walking through a time warp. History buffs will find it fascinating. No one decorates their homes like The Breakers or Rosecliff anymore. And to think that was only the family’s summer home. If you only had time to tour one mansion I would suggest the Breakers, it is the most famous of all the mansions.

We also rented a ‘scoot coupe’ to go around the island and it was almost like go karting through the town. We crossed beaches, mansions, port areas, light houses – the perfect Rhode Island getaway!
Scoot Coupe Newport
Newport is the perfect weekend getaway for those living in New England or in the Northeast area. But don’t take Newport off your list if you live farther away. It is so easy to spend a full weekend vacationing in Newport – lined with live music bars, boutique store, plenty of delicious seafood, the beaches, mansions, and nearby cities like Providence, you can find plenty to do.

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